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The Old Stockade

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The Old Stockade
on the Cobblestone Street

The Blackhawk War of 1832 created the need
to prepare for an Indian attack. The people
of Galena constructed a stockade. Within that
fort, the home of Amos and Sophia Gear Farrar
was used as a refuge for the women and children
of the Galena area. After the war, it again became
Sophia's home. (Amos died in 1832.) In 1884, the home was bought by Margaret Gardner. She researched the house's history, and exposed the original upright timbers so its history would be known. In 1941,
Maybelle Rouse inherited her Aunt's house and opened a Tearoom and a Museum. The house became known as "The Old Stockade". In 1965, Ruth & Ellsworth Glick became owners and expanded The Museum. Carl & Marilyn Johnson purchased the property in 1998 and began extensive restoration. The "Old Stockade" is open by appointment  with historical information displayed. Marilyn is happy to share the history of the five women who have owned the Stockade with anyone interested. All are welcome.


 image02.jpg (40828 bytes)  image209.jpg (55172 bytes)   image274.jpg (43732 bytes) Photo of the Stockade around 1890
Restoration in progress
Interior log wall with historic photos

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New at the Stockade...
Some of the Stockade walls now display Carl's original watercolors
and some of his most popular prints. They will be available for viewing
by appointment or chance. Web orders may also picked up there.
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